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Reviews & swatches




gorgeous photos from lovely customer Nicole, thank you!!










Positive feedback from blogger Michelle Jane

iBeauty Cosmetics Unboxing

I recently discovered ibeauty cosmetics from a Facebook group - they are an Australian based company who recently started shipping to New Zealand - so I decided I would make a palette!

I have heard so many great reviews, so I was so excited when it turned up this morning (it was dispatched on Monday, so shipping is super fast)

Also, I wanted to mention the customer service is amazing - it makes ordering from a company so easy!


Let the unboxing start! 


The inserts and the palette came wrapped in bubble wrap and was so secure. 



The quality of both the palette and the eye shadows are amazing. 
The palette is so sturdy and doesn't feel cheap at all - so happy!
This is how I arranged my colours - 
Left to right -
Barely There, Fairy Floss, Bella, Pretty in Pink
Lemon Pop, Sahara, Flirt, Faithful
Gold Finger, Swept Away, Stolen Kiss, Guava





I also got sent two mini 2 piece eyeshadows which was adorable! 


Lastly - swatches! 
-same order as above- 



I'm definitely going to be re-purchasing, as there are so many more colours I want need to get! The shipping is quick and afforable, the palette feels so sturdy and the eyeshadows are so pigmented, cream and soft. This brand/company has exceeded my exceptions, very very happy!







 Beautiful positive reviews from one of our instagram followers, whom had never heard of ibeauty cosmetics,....had to share!

thank you Belle X


ibeauty cosmetics thrives on happy customers and will look after them...



Stunning ibeauty cosmetics 28 pan magnetic palettes from one of our previous customers!

click on link below for review




Click on links below for more reviews!

Another fantastic review from a happy customer!

VIDEO swatches of ibeauty pigmented eyeshadow refills



Review from MUA Kelly Tebutt  "ibeauty cosmetics is better than MAC" !!

So if you're an Aussie, and you're after affordable good quality eyeshadows, check out ibeautycosmetics.com.au - p.s. they're better than MAC and UD. I hope the pictures do them justice. Oh and orders over $49 is free shipping aaaaand it came with 2 x duo small eyeshadows and a teeny tiny brush. Best buy ever! 


Review from Tiahn Write - Melbourne



YouTube reviews

Review from Khushi - Click Here


review by Amy Mulligan








ibeauty colours featured:

cosmopoliton, booty call, vintage, bronzed beauty, coco  & free spirit



 " Last year I discovered your products and fell in love. Then I was very fortunate to have won a giveaway you had on offer. My collection has grown to over 50 colours and I will keep going until I have the entire 87 colours you have on offer Your service is impeccable and your products amazing. Thank you Here is a look I did using your shadows. *snow white, *mellow yellow, *rubystone red, *Innocence, *80's glam and coco through my brows.   Lani"

Facebook swatches...

Click Here

Click Here


Please click below to read reviews...

Makeup Girls



What customers are saying...

"The rainbow of colours plus more. I can have a different colour for every outfit.

 The amazing creamy pigmentation that comes in every colour for the most affordable price ever! I recommend them to everyone and they have all loved them!

These eyeshadows are truly amazing, the colour range to choose from is amazing from neutrals to brights ! The pigmentation of the eyeshadows are outstanding and they are easily blendable! Definitely a higher end standard of make up for an affordable price !

I love the fact that they are affordable, their pigment is insane they are the best eyeshadow I have ever seen and with no fall out I love the fact that you can choose your own colors to go into the pallets I definitely would recommend you guys to all of my friends that use makeup.

As a makeup artist I love how the colour stays on the brush it's an important thing on my end to give a good result on the model and so affordable too.

The consistency and colour payoff with every shade is amazing. I only have 4 colours but it's my go to palette every day. It's also an Australian company and so affordable, what's not to like. Can't wait to see the new range.

Love the staying power of ibeauty shadows, if there was one make up item l could take with me it would be these shadows as l have used them as eye shadows, blush, highlighter and also used them as filing in my brows, these shadow can do it all. Love ibeauty.

I love finding Aussie makeup brands that not only have such unbelievably affordable prices but have the quality to match high end brands or even better. Supporting your own is definitely something that draws me to a company but having an amazing price point and amazing quality just puts Ibeauty on a whole different level, well done and keep up the beautiful work.

My makeup clients love i-beauty eyeshadow as much as I do, it's the matt, pearl & sparkle choice factor that is my fav!

I love how many choices there are for colours, and how pigmented they all are! x

I love how long they last. Even if I go to sleep in my make up its still on in the morning! !

Highly pigmented and a great colour selection!

I love the pigments in all of your colours.
It’s so hard to find a product that looks as amazing on as it does in the palette!

What isnt there to like love the colour range as well just gorgeous

Definitely the colour range!!!

The quality is up there with the high end shadows but a fraction of the cost perfect for my professional makeup kit. the magnetic palette is a great idea to easily organise and replace individual shadows. The personal service luisa provides is amazing & of course its an Aussie company

I love how they are pigmented and how the eye shadows look good on me and I like them because its makeup ;)

As a makeup artist I always lead towards my ibeauty palette when doing any eyeshadow work for both special occasions and creative work. The wide variety of colours are all so pigmented and last the full day! I am always recommending the product to other makeup artists and clients. The price as well, can't go wrong! :)

Very highly pigmented products that endure for hours, vast & stunning colour range, ability to choose the colours & number of colours, mineral products that don't irritate or damage skin. Impeccable customer service and aftercare.

Everything! After searching for years for a decent eyeshadow that stays on night & day, I've finally found one! And the colours...OMG so many choices! It makes putting on eyeshadow fun choosing a colour to match a outfit.

What I love the most is the affordability of the most pigmented eyeshadows I've ever used, I can't fault them at all. :) also because it's an Australian brand and I'll promote that every day of the year!

I like your eyeshadows because they are highly pigmented, soft for blending, they stay where you want them to stay, and the high quality of all the amazing colours

I love the high pigmented colours, the staying power, the fact they don't gather in the crease, the affordability and the fact i can mix and match to suit my needs. My ibeauty palette is a 'must have' in my kit!!

The awesome colour range, and they stay on all day long!

Pigmentation, colour range and affordable prices for anyone wanting to start a collection.

Love the colours and the staying power...

All the colours omg!

Oh what don't I love! Have been using your shadows for ages now and they are so smooth & pigmented, just a breeze to apply and blend unlike other shadows I have used. Plus a HUGE bonus is they are super affordable! "


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